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Sourcing Service

SYTLOGISTICS have forwarded innumerable cargos since we begin our logistics forwarding career, and have been experiencing variety of cooperation cases between our customers and their suppliers, both satisfactory and dissatisfactory, and even become enemies for each other finally due to various cause, many times, we as intermediary would like to get involved to resolve disputes and help solving problems.

So, we decided to lower down those dissatisfactory and disputes and even put an end to those issue. So we provided basic sourcing service along with primary supplier inspection, verification and  evaluation, etc. which are add-value service for those customers who are in demand. The sourcing scope range from electronic and electrical products, clothing, medicine to other equipment and materials you will ever need.

The primary sourcing work we do for our customers include supplier development, evaluation, negotiation, samples confirmation, logistics, customs, exportation, etc.. Moreover, customers can also participate in China exhibition accompany by our colleague for assistance in need.

All we will do are dedicate to serving our customers on business relationship and even private relationship in the long run.