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1. Sensitive goods shipment require prior approval and should be specially indicated on invoice and waybill with mark "#"

2. Weight and Size: Single package exceed 68 kg, or single size of package carton exceed 100 * 80 * 80 cm require prior approval before delivery.

3. Collection center: Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and other city in China

4. Shipment require 3 pieces of invoice, if not our company prepare them instead, any loss due to the false declaration will be undertaken by customers.

5. Compensation: The liability our company have for this delivery channel is limited, cargo loss will be compensated base on invoice declared value and will not exceed 100USD/Bill, we suggest our customer purchase insurance for the delivery of goods, which can reduce loss if any accidents occurred.

6. Billable weight:

Weight range (0-10kg): Any fraction of 0.5 kilogram is rounded up to the next higher billable weight. (i.e.: freight charge unit is 0.5kg)

Weight range (above 10kg): Any fraction of 1 kilogram is rounded up to the next higher billable weight. (i.e.: freight charge unit is 1kg)

Billable Weight determination: Compare all the cargos actual weight and dimensional weight (L*W*H(cm)/6000), the larger of the two is the billable weight and should be used to calculate the rate that to be charged. For multiple package shipments, add up each package’s billable weight as the shipment’s total billable weight.

 The final rates and service may vary based upon the shipment actually tendered and the application of the Conditions.

7. Additional charges such as destination taxes, fines, warehouse cost, returning fee and expense cause by deserting goods are on consignee’s account, if not turn to paid by sender who should not refuse to pay for any reason.

8. Cargo of refusal: Counterfeit, liquid, powder, food, living, drugs, flammable and explosive items, corrosive, CD, arms weapons and those International Air Transport Association (IATA) restrict to be delivered.

9: Notification: If any detention, return or fines by airport customs cause by sender’s false declaration will be solved by sender, and there will be no freight refund.

10. Fragile or non-stackable package, the sender should ensure the firmness of goods packing, if any damaged due to the inappropriate packing will be bear by sender.

11. Please contact and enquire us if non of the above.