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Malaysia Express Special Delivery Channel is dedicate to serve trade business between China and Malaysia, as among various international logistics, most of them provide general service for every market in the world, so the Malaysia Express Line we launch is our featured  logistics, that primarily delivering cargo from China to every corner in Malaysia at a much economical cost and it will be never slower than other regular global express companies deliver.

West Malaysia: Zip code below 87400          
East Malaysia: Zip code above 87400          

General Details

* If the delivery destination is Sabah Labuan, and require duty-free customs clearance, surcharges for transshipment and special handling will applied.  

* Sensitive delivery shall be indicated with "#" on the waybill.          

* All single package weight exceeds 80kg or the size exceeds 120*100*100cm, which require prior approval before delivery.          

* 3pieces of invoice should be prepared by sender before delivery, if not, our company prepare them instead, and all loss caused by the inappropriate customs declaration will be undertaken by sender.          

* The liability our company have for the delivery is limited, sender can buy the insurance for goods to be delivered separately or we buy for sender instead, either is ok.        

* Billable weight is larger one between actual weight and volumetric weight, calculation method of volumetric weight: Length*Width*Height(cm)/6000          

* Additional destination customs duty or other tax, remote area surcharge, warehouse charge, penalty and return charge or other handling charges caused by receiver may applied.          

Refusal or Rejection of Shipments

Counterfeit, liquid, powder, food, fresh and live goods, medicines, inflammable or explosive items, corrosion products, CD, DVD, arms and weapons and other International Air Transport Association (IATA) restricted article; Note: if sender false to declare sensitive goods which results in detention, return or fines by airport customs, sender should pay for them and no freight refund.          

Fragile or non-stackable package, the sender should ensure the firmness of goods packing, if any damaged due to the inappropriate packing will be bear by sender.