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1. The way to determine Billable Weight: Compare all the cargos actual weight and volumetric weight (Length*Width*Height(cm)/6000), the bigger of the two is the billable weight and should be used to calculate the rate will be charged. For multiple-pallet shipments, add up each pallet’s billable weight to determine the shipment’s billable weight.

2. All parts of Japan are deliverable by Japan Express Line except Okinawa, no remote area applied.

3. Additional expense that Japan customs charges will be paid by consignee, otherwise paid by sender.

4. Express Line:

Express line 1: Shenzhen to Japan direct air freight, only general cargo instead of any sensitive or dangerous/hazardous goods are available to be delivered by Shenzhen express channel.

Express line 2: Hong Kong to Japan direct air flights, Items with built-in battery or matched single battery are available to be delivered by HK express channel.

5. Sensitive cargo: Mobile power source, single battery, powder, liquid, ink cartridges, magnetic goods etc. are available to be shipped by Hong Kong direct freight to Japan, but surcharges will be applied for this express channel. Please contact us for more details about the latest surcharges may occurred.

6. Weight and Dimension limitation:

The longest size of package should not exceed 2 meters, and the sum of 3 different single size should not exceed 2.4 meters, Single package of cargo should not exceed 50 kilograms, customer should enquire us for details if it’s in other cases.

7. Claim: the compensation for package loss will be based on declared value without freight refund, and most compensation value will not exceed 100USD/bill (It apply to both freight and goods declared value).

If any breakage or delay of goods, there will be no extra corresponding compensation. Customer can purchase cargo insurance as requested.

8. Refusal of goods: Counterfeit, liquid, powder, food, fresh and living, drugs, flammable and explosive items, corrosive, CD, arms weapons and other article that restricted by International Air Transport Association (IATA);

9: Notification: If any detention, return or fines by airport customs cause by sender’s false declaration will be solved by sender, and there will be no freight refund.

10. Please contact and enquire us if non of the above.