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International Air Cargo Forwarding

Collecting and Transit Center: Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong

Featured Airline:


China Eastern Airlines (MU): Economical and Cost-effective air cargo shipping, direct air line to Europe and America via Shanghai
Air China (CA): Regular and Scheduled cooperative air shipping line, quite favorable freight cost

China Southern Airlines (CZ): Competitive price and reliable airline, fly to Europe and United States via Shanghai

UPS Air Freight: Cheap air freight, Wide range destination airport are deliverable by UPS Air, and especially direct air shipping to Southeast Asia countries.


U.S.A Air Shipping Line
China Southern Airlines (CZ): Air cargo shipment is prior to passenger transportation, Direct air shipping to LAX airport, regular air shipping schedule, sufficient shipment space.
China Eastern Airlines (MU): Passenger shipping is prior to Cargo shipping, Air flight to LAX directly via Shanghai. preferential air freight available

Europe Air Shipping Line
China Southern Airlines (CZ): Primarily cargo shipping, directly flight to FRA/AMS, regular air shipment schedule for order, sufficient shipment space
China Eastern Airlines (MU): Quite cost-effective air shipping line, direct air line to Europe and America via Shanghai
Thai Airways International (TG): Require advanced booking this airline to avoid the shipment delay, and the price of shipment is absolutely preferential for earlier prior booking, bulk cargo are available to be shipped by this airline, Air Line: CAN/BKK/Transit Airpot

Hong Kong:

Main Europe Air Shipping Lines:
Thai Airways International (TG):  Multi-frequency of flights, most of destination airport are reachable by this airline from Hongkong, bulky cargo are acceptable for shipping. Directly shipment to BKK(Bangkok), and ICN(Inchon) from Hong Kong, and fly to southeast Asia and Europe via BKK, west Europe and including ATH(Athen), DME (Domodedovo Airport), OSL(Oslo), CPH(Copenhagen) and MAD(Madrid) are those destination where flight directly from Hongkong and via BKK, most of them are more competitive than other corresponding airlines, daily air shipping schedule, small-lot cargo can be shipped at a much lower freight cost base by ULD Consolidations shipment, Transit airport: HKG/BKK

Malaysia Airline (MH): Low freight cost, air line start from Hong Kong via KUL(Kuala Lumpur International Airport) to major airports in Europe, regular flights from Hong Kong weekly, Air shipping line: HKG-KUL-EUROPE

FINNAIR (AY): Provide air cargo shipping to East Europe from China mainland and Hong Kong, Air Shipping Line: HKG-HEL-EUROPE

Polar Air (PO): Constant lower freight cost for this Airline, which is best solution for those who don't have critical request for timely air shipment but the air freight cost.

North America Air Shipping Lines:

Cathay Pacific Airways (CX): Specially for high-end air cargo services, daily air flight to United States from Hong Kong, lots of direct air shipments are available, such as LAX, SEA, JFK, ATL, ORD, MEX, GDL, flexible allocation for the shipment space.

Korea Air: (KE): Flight to major airports in U.S.A from Hong Kong via Inchon, most airports are reachable at the same day, preferential price for the shipment, sufficient shipment space, one of our main cooperative airlines.  

Nippon Cargo Airlines (KZ): Air shipping from Hong Kong to most major airports in U.S.A transit at NRT Japan, which also provide very competitive price and thoughtful service.

Middle East & Africa
Emirates Airlines (EK): High-end service of air shipping from Hong Kong to Middle East and Africa, constant stable price, Regular shipment space and air line schedule, HKG/DXB

Turkish Airlines (TK): Transit in IST, arrive to Middle Asia, North Europe and East Europe, one of our main cooperative airlines, Air line: HKG/IST/Transit Airport

Egypt Air (ET): Primarily to Africa market

United Arab Emirates Airlines crystal (EY) arrived in the Middle East and African airports
Etihad Crystal Cargo (EY): Flight primarily to Middle and African Airports

Southeast Asia Air Shipping Lines:
Southeast Asia with TG, MH, and secondly PR HX cover southeast Asian airports.India line the main sign of 9 w MP ET routes, straight to the point of BOM DEL MAA plate every day.
Australia is given priority to with TG MH PR route, combined with high-end service QF CX NZ routes to meet different needs.Our Australian cargo stability and guarantee of shipping space.
Central and South America
CX to central and South America, more and more choice, tex-mex GDL is favorable, price concessions by the us WE 4 x AM UPS, and without the BA LH HA airline service.

Southeast Asia Air Shipping Line:

Mostly ship by TG and MH, PR and HX cover major airports in Southeast Asia, India air lines cooperate with 9W, MP and ET airlines, directly reach to BOM, DEL and MAA, daily shipment.

Australia Air Shipping Line:
Main airlines are TG, MH and PR airlines, come with QF, CX and NZ high-end shipping service airlines, which cater to different needs, regular and stable cargo shipping to Austria, shipment space is always guaranteed.

Central and South America Air Shipping Line:
Most airlines to central and south America are available, CX direct flight to Central and South America at a preferential freight cost, and air shipping via USA by WE, 4X, AM or UPS air, and other airlines such as BA, LH, HA, etc. that not via USA.